How to Lose 10 KG a Month by Running

How to Lose 10 KG a Month by Running
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Running is kind of like a go-to option for people who are looking for losing weight. As it does not require any expensive machines or any gym membership, it is picked by so many. Running is a great form of exercise to lose weight. Among all the other types of cardio exercises running is the one that burns the most amount of calories. So, as it helps burn the maximum amount of calories should you pick running if you want to lose 10 kg a month?

To answer that question here in this blog, I am going to share if it is possible to lose 10 kg weight by running in just a month. And also share with you if it will be safe for you. Additionally, I will share if there is any other approach to losing weight in a healthy way.

Before we start here are a few basics about weight loss.

How does someone lose weight?

To lose weight one needs to be in a calorie deficit. In simple, you need to have fewer foods or calories than your maintenance in order to lose weight. Now, one can have less food or burn more calories through exercise to be in that calorie deficit. There are no other fancy techniques or supplements or accessories that can help one lose weight.

For counting/calculating maintenance calories there are thousands of maintenance calorie calculators available on the internet which you can take help from. None of the calculators are 100% accurate. So, you need to do a few experiments by adding or subtracting calories to find out the exact number.

Why choose running over other cardio movements?

There are so many different forms of cardiovascular exercises that exist. Some of them require machines while a few can be done just using just the body. Among all other forms of exercise, running is the most popular one. The reason is it not only burns the maximum amount of calories but also requires no accessories to be done. Also running is the best form of exercise for the heart.

Here are a few benefits one can get from running.

Benefits of running

  1. Running helps burn a huge amount of calories.
  2. It can help you live longer.
  3. Running helps you get Vitamin D if you run outside.
  4. Running can help in strengthening the bones.
  5. Running helps in increasing the fitness level of your body.
  6. Running promotes better mental health.
  7. It can prevent bad diseases from growing inside the body.
  8. Running is best to prevent heart diseases.

How to lose 10 kg a month by running

To lose 1kg weight per week one needs to be in a 1000+ calorie deficit every day (according to DNA India). So losing 10kg a month requires a weekly 17000calorie deficit. That means you need to be in a 2000-2500 calorie deficit daily to lose 10kg of weight in one month.

Now, to be in that much calorie deficit you have to almost quit food if you are not too overweight or you need to burn off so many calories by exercise. For that exercise, there can not be any other activities that can be better than running. Just make sure to increase your running (by distance or pace) every once in a while to challenge yourself and make it more fun. 1month of your life will be around exercise because you will not have any energy left to do other work after burning off that many calories.

A few basic things you need to care about if you choose to run are – feeding the body with enough nutrition, having electrolytes after a run, buying the right pair of shoes to not get injured, etc.

Have enough protein if you run daily because along with all the benefits running also causes muscle loss. Also, you carry electrolytes (tablets) or have Glucon-D or mix salt and sugar in regular water to have after a run. Because when you run you lose so many electrolytes by sweat.

Buy electrolytes that are best in the market (affiliate link).

Is it safe to lose 10 kg a month?

No, to be honest losing weight that fast is not a healthy choice. In case you are not too overweight losing that much weight is a drastic change for the body. You may need to sometimes starve yourself in order to achieve the goal or have to do an intense HIIT type workout along with normal exercises to lose weight. It is not easy for any of you to be in a 2500 calorie deficit, in the long term, it can show some serious consequences.

Suppose you are not too overweight and your maintenance calories are 3000. So in order to lose 10 kg in one month, you have to eat 500 calories daily. You will get to eat almost no food. So you can not sustain with that. In another scenario, if you choose to eat 1500 calories and burn off 1000calories, as an overweight person that job will be way harder than a normal guy.

If you do that not only you will lose weight but also a huge amount of muscle also. Which will make you end up skinny fat (Know how to avoid ending up skinny fat). And always remember a body with less fat and more muscle is the healthiest one.

So if you have no hurry or any important reason to lose that much weight so fast, I will not recommend losing 10kg in a month.

The recommended way to lose weight

Instead of losing weight that quickly it is always recommended to lose weight slowly. Losing weight slowly not only is a healthy type of weight loss but also helps one in losing more fat without sacrificing much muscle in the body. Also, it is always preferable to do some resistance training along with cardio exercises as it promotes sustaining muscle in the body. This means you will become less likely to lose muscle from the weight loss.

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