How Long Does It Take To Lose 10KG Without Exercise?

How Long Does It Take To Lose 10KG Without Exercise?
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Summer may be on its way and you want to lose that extra bit of fat from the body or you are just out of shape and want to get those wanted six-pack abs to impress your crush. So, you want to lose weight as soon as possible to get the shape of your life. For that, maybe now you want to lose 10kg weight from your body and wander about how long will it take to be in shape. Additionally, you do not want to do exercise or want to know how long will it take to lose 10kg without exercise.

To answer that question here in this blog, I am going to share with you if it is possible to lose 10kg of weight without any sort of exercise. Also, how long will it take if it is possible? Along with that, I will share if it is possible to lose 10kg in just a month.

But before we start here is a short description of weight loss (how we lose weight).

How does weight loss happen?

Weight loss happens in a calorie deficit. In simple, when you burn more calories than you consume or put in fewer calories than you have throughout the day you lose weight. So basically as it said you can burn calories through dieting or by exercise or by using both diet and exercise.

In my eyes, using both exercise and diet is the optimal way to lose weight. For instance – Suppose you have 1500 calorie budget. Now instead of having 1500 calories throughout the day and feeling constant hunger; it is always better to use exercise to let’s say burn 400calories and consume 2000calories. So, you get to eat more and it is making the process of staying in the weight loss journey long-term.

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How long does it take to lose 10kg without exercise?

It actually depends on how fast or slow you want to lose weight. According to DNA India: A 1000 calorie deficit can help in losing 1kg weight per week. Now depending on your goal you can increase or decrease the number. The idea is simple – for faster weight loss be in a big deficit and for slower weight loss be in a small deficit.

In my eyes, losing weight slowly should be your goal. Because not only it is healthy to lose weight slowly, but on top of that you lose less muscle in that process. Usually, a 200-500calorie deficit is enough to lose weight in a healthy way.

In case you are so much overweight, you can be in more deficit than I just suggested.

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Can you lose 10kg without exercise in just a month?

The straight answer to the question is – it is close to impossible to lose 10kg a month unless you are an overweight person. A 10kg weight loss in one month requires a person to be in a 2500calorie deficit daily. This directly means that person needs to do a water fast for a month almost. Which is insane.

Unless you are over 90kgs you will not get to eat anything. So it is not possible to starve someone for a month. So, if the weight loss is that urgent then he/she needs to spend half of their day in the gym in order to get to eat something.

But even if you are able to go through all that hard work, it is certainly not the healthiest way to lose weight. As said before rapid weight loss can lead to severe health problems in the future. Or else, you can end up skinny fat.

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Tips to lose weight sustainably

Now as you got all of your answers related to losing 10kg with or without exercise here are a few tips that can help you lose weight sustainably.

Have more protein

Protein is an important ingredient for the muscles. While on weight loss your body becomes more prone to lose muscles along with fat; and a high protein intake with a little bit of resistance training can minimize that. Besides that, a protein-rich meal can keep you full for long period, which makes it easy to have less food throughout the day. The high thermic effect of protein help can also help in burning calories while not working out.

The daily recommended amount of protein according to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for people who do exercise is 1.2-2.0g/kg body weight depending on the type of activities they perform.

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Do not drink calories

In weight loss, drinking calories can become a culprit to your journey. Liquid foods can contain high calories. As it is easy to consume a huge amount of calories while drinking; it may end up in a caloric surplus which can ruin the weight loss journey.

Unless you are a skinny guy who has a high metabolism and wants to gain weight you should not eat liquid calories. Liquid calories are best suited for those who can not eat too much and not being able to reach their daily calorie goal.

But there is one exception that can be made. Suppose because of work you usually do not get time to eat whole food after your workout, you can prepare high-protein smoothies(liquid calories) to feed you up. Additional tip learns to carry homemade tiffin with you to avoid outside food.

Have fiber-rich food

Fiber is important for the body. Fiber is an ingredient that can help in digestion. Along with helping in digestion, fiber is also hard to digest for the body which means just like protein it also has the ability to keep you full for a longer period. This makes it easy to be within the calorie budget.

Drink more water

It is essential to keep our bodies hydrated all the time. Our body is 70% filled with water. Now, how drinking water helps in weight loss is that – consuming water makes us full which tricks our brain into signaling that we do not need any food.

Also in terms of health, to avoid some serious health-related issues in the long term water is very crucial.

Focus on both cardio and resistance training

It is common among people that when it comes to weight loss people pick running, cycling, skipping, or any kind of cardiovascular exercise over any resistant movement. But if your goal is to lose weight and achieve a visually good-looking physique then you must choose resistance training along with cardio. Because in weight loss doing only cardio can increase the risk of losing muscle mass which can be minimized with proper resistance training and the right protein intake.

Focus on recovery

Recovery is equally important whether in weight loss or muscle gain. When we sleep our body recovers from all the hard work we put in while working out. Proper recovery of the body allows you to train harder than last time which can help in seeing progress. A proper 7-8 hours of sleep is enough to recover and give the body fuel for the next workout.

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Keep patience

Patience is the key that everyone is lacking. We are the generation who has the lowest patience in our work. All we want is an overnight result. In weight loss patience is important. Our body is not a machine, it takes time to show results. So keep patience.

Along with patience, keep some realistic goals. Do not aim to achieve someone’s 4years of hard work in just 6months.

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