Does Diet Soda Cause Increase in Belly Fat?

Does Diet Soda Cause Increase in Belly Fat
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Satisfying the sweet teeth while on a calorie deficit can be a quite hard challenge. When someone is on a weight loss journey and carve soft drinks, diet soda can be a better alternative.

Diet sodas are being advertised as a better and healthier alternative to regular sodas. Where usual soda cans/bottles are packed in calories, diet soda is a zero-calorie beverage drink. And because of this reason, nowadays these sodas are becoming quite popular among health-conscious people, or people who are on a weight loss journey (to enjoy sodas in without sacrificing any calories).

Now, is it the reality that diet sodas are a healthy option, or they are the reason behind people’s increasing belly fat? So to answer this question here in the blog, I am going to elaborate on the common myths about diet sodas and if they are really causing belly fat in people. In addition, I will describe what really causes weight/belly fat gain.

What are diet sodas?

Diet soda beverages are quite a popular drink among people who want to substitute sugar from their life. Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Every soft drinks that are available in the market nowadays, have a lighter or sugar-less version. Though most diet soda cans almost have zero calories, some of them may contain some calories. Diet sodas were first introduced in the 1950s for diabetic patients.

Diet sodas are a mixture of carbonated water, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, flavors, and caffeine.

What causes weight gain?

A calorie surplus causes weight gain in people. So in order to gain weight someone needs to eat more than their maintenance calories. And to gain weight at a healthy weight focusing on a nutritionally balanced diet is important. For that reason, I have created a blog to let you create your own personalized diet without any nutritional knowledge (Click here).

Does diet soda cause belly fat?

As said early, diet sodas are known as a healthy alternative to regular soda. So it kind of become a common myth that consuming diet sodas are quite healthy. However, it is not the case. Having any carbonated drink moderately or once in a while will not cause any problem in health. But if it is done daily then it can be an issue.

Diet sodas do not directly cause belly fat. If someone chooses zero-calorie diet sodas then it will not directly cause him/her weight gain. The artificial sweeteners in diet sodas cause sugar cravings in the body. So people crave more sugary foods to satisfy their cravings. And that is how they end up messing up with their diet and ending up in a calorie surplus. This in the end causes weight or belly fat gain in people.

On the opposite, the non-zero calorie version of diet sodas does the same by increasing the sugar cravings. So eventually people end up consuming many calories.

Except for weight gain, having diet soda daily can be pretty bad for health also. It may cause many chronic diseases in humans.


If losing weight or keeping a healthy body is someone’s motive, then cutting down on diet sodas can be the best choice. It is not possible swallowing up these beverages in moderation can also be an option. Besides these two possible options substituting chemicals-loaded diet sodas with natural, healthy, and tasty fruit juices is also can be an option.

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