Can Weight Loss Increase Height

Can Weight Loss Increase Height
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So many people in this world are not happy with their height. According to a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, both men and women who are above average height — 5 ft. 10 in. for males, 5 ft. 4 in. for females — report greater levels of happiness than shorter people. People many times consider being overweight to affect their height. But is it true? Can weight loss increase height?

In the age of social media where everyone lives in a state of constant comparison; having a good height effect may help in higher self-esteem and confidence. So here in the blog, I will share if really height gets affected by being overweight and some tips to look taller.

Factors that affect increased height

Height is almost 80-90% depending on your genetics. It is well known that a baby with taller parents has a greater chance to be tall than a baby with shorter parents. But there are some exceptions sometimes. But except genetics, there are two factors that can affect a baby’s height – Nutrition and Activity.


A balanced diet is necessary for kids to help them grow taller and have greater health. It is often seen a kid with a poor nutritionally balanced diet has experienced more health issues while growing up. So it is necessary to make sure to feed kids a properly balanced diet for their overall health and also height sometimes.

Spending hundreds of dollars on a dietitian for a diet chart is not a worthy investment. Unless you have a medical condition you can create a diet on your own and this is why I have written a blog on that. Know how to create a personalized diet plan without any nutritional knowledge.


The activity level of a kid somehow triggers a kid’s growth. Unhealthy weight in the growth ages can affect or stunt a kid’s growth. More the baby will be active his/her bones will become more strong. Also, being overweight not only affect height but affects a kid’s well-being too.

Do Weight loss increase height

To be honest, weight loss does not affect any increase in height for a grown human but good nutrition and activity may affect a baby’s height. For a grown human it totally depends on genetics. A thin person in most cases will look taller in comparison with an overweight guy and it is all illusion. Because of our brain, all these delusions happen. So a decrease in weight may make someone look taller in front of others, but in reality, it is just a hallucination.

So if the intention to lose weight is to look taller then maybe it is not the right idea or reason to start a weight loss journey. So better set a proper weight loss reason which can be to achieve better health, life, or a to look good and confident in front of others.

Here is a blog on beginners’ guide to the gym if you have any plans to join a gym.

Tips to look taller

I am 5’7. Not tall right? Yes, as an Indian, practically I am somewhere in the average height category. And because of that previously I used to be very conscious/underconfident about my height. But it does not happen anymore as I love the way I am (Still sometimes I feel bad about my height).

Now, here are a few tips that I used to do before to look taller (Btw I copied all these techniques from YouTubers and blogs).

  1. Avoid baggy clothing. Though I love baggy/oversized clothing, if you are someone who wants to look taller in front of others then do not wear a baggy dress. Especially make sure your pants are not too flabby.
  2. Wear shoes with higher soles. High sole will definitely help increase height and make look taller. There are tons of high sole shoes out on the internet one can buy.
  3. Wear high-waisted, cropped pants.
  4. As said before losing weight may help someone look taller. So you will automatically appear taller when you look thinner.
  5. Be picky with colors. Try to avoid contrast. For instance, instead of wearing two different colors (pants and a t-shirt) go for the same color.


So the takeaway from the blog will be to be happy with someone’s body. Weight loss does not help increase height.

I know few people do care or sometime will be there to make a person feel underconfident because of their height. But if a person is happy with how he/she is, no one can affect his/her courage. So my suggestion will be to be happy with whatever someone has. And for that weight loss part pick fitness as a part of life to live a healthier life not to just look tall. Being overweight will not make anyone look cool or help to live healthier lives.

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