Why You Should Choose Powerbuilding?

Why You Should Choose Powerbuilding
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Powerbuilding – the middle ground between bodybuilding and powerlifting. For ages, people prefer bodybuilding for aesthetics and powerlifting for strength. Although from a competitive perspective, choosing a particular type of training is the obvious choice but for those who take fitness as a passion and just want to live a normal healthy lifestyle combination of both training, can give them the best outcome possible. So if you want to get stronger and more aesthetic at the same time you should choose Powerbuilding over any type of split for maximum benefit.

The Powerbuilding style of training contains both compound lift and isolation movements. So according to personal preference someone prefers focusing more on either compounds or isolation movements. Now here in this blog, I am going to go in-depth about Powerbuilding (show you why you should choose Powerbuilding) and show you some benefits of choosing Powerbuilding over Powerlifting or Bodybuilding. Also, share with you a demo training routine on what a Powerbuilding workout program looks like.

But Before we start let’s have an overview of what a bodybuilding and powerlifting style of training looks like.

Overview of Bodybuilding style of training

Bodybuilding style training is probably one of the most common and famous styles of training programs among people. This type of training mainly focused on isolation movement. The Bodybuilding style of training targets less on weight while focusing more on form and volume. As said before this style of training is for aesthetics and building muscle focusing on nutrition is key here.

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It is probably one of the most favorite types of sports among people, attracting millions every year. As it is the most known sport among weight training almost every person who set a fitness goal picks a Bodybuilding type of training; probably you too.

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Overview of Powerlifting style of training

Powerlifting often gets confused with the very known Olympic sport Weightlifting is mainly focused on 3 main compound lifts – Benchpress, Squat, and most favorite one Deadlift. While the style of training is based on strength training some of the exercises like squats and deadlifts are loved by some of the most famous bodybuilders in the Bodybuilding industry.

Source YouTube (Channel – Chris Bumstead, 3x Mr. Olympia)

Nowadays training for maximum strength becoming a trend and for that reason, the Powerlifting type of training is getting more and more famous. As this form of training is based on strength eating tons of calories is common here. For this reason, most powerlifters carry a lot of unnecessary calories. Also, this form of sport requires someone to lift heavy a$$ weight which may lead to some serious form of injury.

Because of the risk factor, many people switch to bodybuilding or Powerbuilding (Why to Choose Powerbuilding Over Powerlifting) type of training which is less risky than this sport.

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Why you should choose Powerbuilding?

Now coming to the question of why do you need to choose Powerbuilding? – My straight answer will be why not!! you get to train both for strength and aesthetics. This means you are getting stronger and stronger while not putting on some unnecessary fat. Where a type of split is particularly focused on one factor, Powerbuilding gives you the flexibility to work on both. Unless you want to compete or not like a singular type of split you must choose Powerbuilding training.

So as strength with aesthetics plays a big role in this training program diet is a key factor here. For that consuming enough food with proper protein intake and all the nutrients is necessary. So if you do not know how you create a diet plan and do not want to spend any money on dieticians then check out this blog that I have written.

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A demo workout routine

The Powerbuilding workout contains both compound training and isolation movements for that reason we will start our workout with compound movements and end with isolation. While for compounds we will focus on strength and for isolations on repetitions. So compound movements will contain 6-10 reps and isolations till failure or 10-15 rep range.

So here is what a Powerbuilding style Upper body workout will look like.

  1. Bench Press [4 Sets of 8-10reps]
  2. Shoulder Lateral Raise [4 Sets of 10-14reps]
  3. Cable Chest Fly [3 Sets of 10-12reps]
  4. Machine Lat Pull-down [4 Sets of 10-12reps]
  5. Overhead Tricep Dumbbell Extension [4 Sets of up to failure]
  6. Incline/Natural Bicep Curl [4 Sets of 10-12reps]

Choose weight according to your capability. Choose the weight accordingly so that you can fail between the given rep range. And every 2weeks later try to increase the weight by a small margin. Though the process will be slow, it will be worth it.

In my case, I also follow the Powerbuilding training of the Push-Pull-Legs-Upper-Lower split.

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