Why Did You Lose Motivation to Work Out

Why Do We Lose Motivation to Work out
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The mentality of looking at exercise as a fun thing to perform does not go too well with all. Where a few find exercise enjoyable, others look at it as torture. For a part of the population working out makes themselves feel better, something that they are passionate about but for the rest, it is forcefully thrown to their face. While some individuals rely on motivation to work out, some just do it as a day-to-day thing; like – eating, sleeping, and brushing. Now, no matter what the story is, working out nowadays has become essential for every individual.

I do believe that everyone needs a strong reason to keep going. In the case of exercising the concept is also the same. If the reason is strong enough you do not need to rely on motivation to keep going. But if you are someone who does rely on motivation to exercise and slowly lose it unknowingly; this is the blog you need to check out.

Here in this blog, I am going to share a few causes from my 4 years of experience that can be the reasons for a lack of motivation in you to work out.

Restricted diet

Following a nutritionally balanced diet while working out is common. Whether the plan is to lose fat or build muscle our body needs a certain amount of protein, fats, and carbs. But, the problem starts to pile up when the diet becomes too restricted. It becomes something that is close to impossible to sustain. And, this is what in the end causes demotivation.

A diet plan should be flexible and proportionate with the individual’s daily routine. Eating the same thing every single day is not possible for all. It may be suitable for a bodybuilder or an athlete but for the regular population, it is not optimal.

So the best will be to follow a more flexible diet. Cutting down the bad eating habits slowly. Changes need to be done slowly not overnight.

Here is the blog I have created with all the ingredients possible to help you create the best diet for yourself without any nutritional knowledge and sacrifice.

How to Create a Personalised Diet Plan Without Nutritional Knowledge.

False expectation

Everyone has an expectation or an end goal, which motivates them to work out regularly. The expectation can be looking like some football players or a fitness influencer. No matter what is the motivation if the belief is too high then it can damage the inspiration.

Every person’s body composition is different. Something that worked for others may not work for you. So even if you try to look like an individual and you do not have the same body composition, you will not be able to achieve that physique ever. Also comparing the physique with some not-natty bodybuilders is also a joke. This is how false expectations can be the reason for a lack of motivation to work out.

For instance – Famous American Actor Rock has very bad genetics for abs, so even if he wants to get six-eight pack abs it will not be possible to do so.

And if the expectation is not the problem for you, then you should pick the best type of training style for optimal results.

Why You Should Choose Power building.

Wrong workout or sometimes exercise selection

Maybe you choose to join the gym to work out, and after a few days/weeks you no more feel motivated to work out. This thing may have happened because you choose the wrong exercise type. It can be possible you do not like resistance training. Though it is important to do resistance training also you may like cardio more, like – running, jumping rope, or cycling.

Wrong exercise selection may be caused you to stop working out. So better choose the form of activity you like to perform. For a regular person, any form of activity with proper food is enough to keep them healthy.

No patience

No matter what you choose to do in life patience is important. The same theory applies in the case of exercise also. Either the target is to lose weight or gain muscle, it will take time. Just like having a cheat meal will not cause you to put on 1lb of fat, in the same way, muscle also takes time to build.

So keep patience, do not seek overnight results. In most cases, this lack of patience is the only reason for a person to stop working out. You can not expect to see changes just after working out and training properly for only a month.

Work interfering in training

It can be possible that you are too busy to work out. You can not find a particular time to work out every day and that is what causes you to skip your training and eventually stop working out. If this is the case then try to minimize the workout duration and number of training sessions per week. A minimum of 3day training a week is enough to see positive health benefits. Also, instead of trying to keep a fixed timing shuffle between training routines.

Now, except for these 5 reasons may be the ‘why’ in your case to workout is not too strong. I mean ‘Why do you want to work out?’, ask yourself. Is it because you want to impress a girl in your school/office or to appear better in front of others or just for your health. What is your motivation to work out? If the ‘why’ is strong enough then no matter what the reason is you will not stop. You do not need motivation then.

One pro tip, try making fitness a habit. Once a habit is formed it is very hard to break. So instead of relying on motivation, go for the stronger option. Build yourself a habit to exercise daily. In that way, you will be less likely to break the rhythm.

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