Should You Choose Power Building Over Powerlifting

Should You Choose Power Building Over Powerlifting
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Whenever we think of strength all we think of is powerlifting. For ages, powerlifting is famous as a sport where strength is everything. But the only downside it has is a lack of aesthetics. In the sport of powerlifting strength is all and for that athletes have to eat a ton of calories (Eating tons of junk is normal there) which end up gaining them unnecessary fat. But not everyone who likes to gain strength wants to put on fat or want to get a dad body. And from there a new trend of choosing power building over powerlifting has emerged.

Here in the blog, I am going to describe to you why you should prefer choosing power building over powerlifting. Also an overview on power building, powerlifting, and if it really suits you/is best for you.

Let’s have a look at what is power building and powerlifting.

Overview of Powerlifting

Powerlifting is a sport that mostly focused on main three compound lifts Squat, Bench press, and Deadlift. This sport is totally based on strength. The more weight you lift the stronger you are compared to other lifters. Although it is fun to lift heavy and to hit a PR every week; it is not optimal for the body and the joints. Our body is built to do a daily activity not to lift that much heavy ass weight.

As mentioned before this sport is all about strength and for that it does not matter how you look. For this reason and the risk of lifting heavy, people do not like powerlifting as a form of training split in the gym.

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Overview of Power building

Power building is a term that became famous recently. Power building is somewhat a combination of both aesthetics and strength. This sport you can say is a mixture of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. Where bodybuilding is focused on aesthetics, muscles and powerlifting is consisting of strength power building is the addition of both. This means training not only for big muscles but also for animal-like strength. I feel this is the reason why the sport has become famous and more people are switching towards it.

Why Choose Power building over Powerlifting

Power building over Powerlifting
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Now the question is why should someone pick Power-building? Is it really as good as it looks like or promising to be? My answer is Yes! Powerbuilding is the future. Where both training splits are mostly focused on one particular thing, power building allows you flexibility. It allows you to train for both power and muscle. This sport is also on the safer side. Instead of hitting a PR/lift heavier every week; in power building, it is recommended to keep it slow. Mean, slowly getting stronger.

How to know which one is best for you

If you are struggling to know which one to choose between Power building and Powerlifting ask yourself these questions.

  • What do you want like as the outcome (only strength or both physique and strength)?
  • Do you care about the body fat you will put on?
  • Is strength all you want or do you want both?
  • Are you aware of the risk of powerlifting?

If you still can not find any answer give a shot to both to see if you like it or not.

But if you ask me I will always choose power building over anything.

How to perform it for the best result

I do not know which type of split you performed before Bodybuilding or Powerlifting or you were just starting. If you were training more of a powerlifting type split then slowly start adding more isolation exercises and in case of starting off just follow my instructions.

So your exercises will look like this from now on. Start exercises with compound movements as it takes so much energy to perform and end with isolation.

Now in my case, I am currently doing power-building type training. My training split is like Push-Pull-Leg-Arms-Upper-Lower.

In the end, my conclusion will be no matter what training style you choose; diet and a night of good sleep are all you need. For that, if you do not know how to create a personalized diet plan check this blog that I have recently written, Click here.

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