Can Weight Training Causes Depression

Can Weight Training Cause Depression
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In a world, where mental health issues are rising every year, influencers and renowned individuals tell us to pick fitness in order to cure depression. You could have also heard that gyms or weight training can heal mental health. But it is not the case for everyone. Every human being is different. For that reason, not everyone finds weight training or simply fitness to cure their mental health issues. Maybe for you weight training causes depression.

Yes, it is possible to have a bad day once in a while. But if it is happening daily then there must be some problem going on. Therefore here in this blog, I am going to share if you can be depressed because of weight training and also cure for that. Additionally, I will share my personal experience with weight training, anxiety, and depression.

What causes depression

According to scientists depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Depression can be caused by some external factors like – abuse, family problem, trauma, serious illness, etc. Usually, older peoples are more likely to face depression or other mental health problems very often. But nowadays social media and people’s exposure to the world increased the mental health problems in younger generations too.

Depression and other mental health issues may sometimes carry through generations also.

Though all of these previously mentioned factors may cause depression; sometimes overuse of some clinical drugs can also drive mental health problems as a side effect.

Can weight training causes depression?

You must be wondering, can weight training causes depression? My answer is yes. Not everyone feels the same. It may be because you are overtraining or you are not giving the body proper nutrition or maybe you have a history of mental health problems and weight training is not even the reason for your problem.

Questions to ask to know if weight training really causing you depression

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to know, why is weight training causing you depression.

#1 Are you putting too much pressure on your body?

You may have heard of training till failure in every exercise for the maximum result, but sometimes more is not better. You need to know the difference between training hard and overtraining. You may be overtraining; while going for training hard. And because of that facing depression as a side effect.

Know which training type to choose for the best result.

#2 Are you providing the body enough nutrition?

When you destroy the muscle tissues in the gym, you need proper food and nutrition to recover the body from that training. If you are not providing the body it’s needed nutrients then that may be the reason causing your mental health issues.

Know how to create a nutritionally balanced personalized diet plan.

#3 Are your expectations too high?

Body dysmorphia can be a reason behind your stress. You are never happy with how you look and end up chasing a better physique, which may end up causing you stress. Setting higher expectations and not reaching that goal can also be a reason behind anxiety.

#4 Are you liking what you are doing?

You may be forced to do weight training. It can be like, you love performing other forms of activities and doing weight training just because others are suggesting it as the best form of exercise.

#5 Do you have any past history of depression?

If you are not experiencing any certain mood benefits from workouts and consistently feeling down, then it may be a reason behind an underlying depression. In that case, weight training is not causing you any issues.

#6 Are you abusing caffeine

Caffeine abuse is also kind of causing depression. What happens in most cases, after its effect ends, a sudden drop in energy level causes anxiety and negative mood shifts in people. So people end up over-relying on caffeine.

What you can do to reduce depression

So as you know how to identify the reason behind your depression; here are some tips that you can apply in your life to overcome the problem.

  1. Providing your body with the nutrition is required.
  2. Get some quality sleep.
  3. Do not expect an overnight result, keep patience.
  4. Do not be over-dependent on caffeine.
  5. Train properly, do not overtrain.
  6. The most important one, go see a doctor. They will know it better than anyone.

My story behind weight training and depression

I have been facing depression and anxiety due to exercise for the past 1 year. For me, the reason is caffeine overuse and family problem. I used to feel like crap sometimes right after my exercise or before.

The way I found out that caffeine abuse is causing me the problem is that – I decided to monitor the days when felt my lowest. And that is how I found out the days I had too much caffeine is the days I felt worst.

I would like to suggest you monitor also, what causing you depression: weight training, or anything else.

That is all for the blog.

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