Top 5 Indian Fitness YouTubers of 2022

Indian Fitness YouTubers
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People nowadays became more health-conscious than before. They are trying new exercises, and new diet plans to learn more about the ways to make their health better both internally and externally. That is now you can see the boom of different types of new training and diet programs which never existed before. Now, the people who are just starting their fitness journey need some guidance. They need to know how to safely perform an exercise, what type of training to do, and how they should eat. And for that, they always rely on YouTube. And for that here in this blog I will share the top 5 Indian fitness Youtubers who can be trusted blindly.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. That is why millions of people come to YouTube with their questions, in search of the right/accurate answer. As the user base is huge both foreign and Indian fitness influencers are taking that as an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and grow a big online presence.

Now in this big ocean of information, it is quite hard to find the real ones. There are lots of people who do not really have any proper knowledge but still faking themselves as genuine YouTuber. Because of that, I came up with the top 5 Indian fitness YouTubers who share genuine knowledge and always stay loyal to their subscribers.

1. Saket Gokhale

Total Subscribers – 932k

Source YouTube – Saket Gokhale

Saket Gokhale is a recent YouTube sensation and fitness influencer. He is from Pune, Maharashtra. Saket started his YouTube journey back in the year 2018 as an English fitness YouTube channel. But he eventually moved to a Hindi channel in 2019, to target native Indian audiences.

He usually makes fitness vlogs and informative fitness content. He is the one who revolutionized the Indian fitness community. Indian fitness moved from being only informative video-centric to more like a fitness+vlogging type. He is currently the most famous Indian YouTuber dominating other big influencers. His target audience is mainly teenagers. His goal is to add fitness as a regular day-to-day habit.

So, if you are looking to get good vibes and knowledge at the same time this guy is best for you.

Instagram – @saketgokhale

2. Jeet Selal

Total Subscribers – 3.65M

Source YouTube – Jeet Selal

Jeet Selal is one of the most knowledgeable influencers in the Indian fitness industry. His channel is one of the oldest channels on YouTube. Through his videos, he provides some quality content on YouTube. His videos are mainly informative teaching how to perform exercises, and helping with diet and training styles.

He is from Uttarakhand and moved to Australia. He is in the fitness industry since the year 2015. He also has a campaign for a drug -ree India which is known as the Himalayan Stallion. He has amazing working experience in the fitness field which makes him on the list of top 5 Indian YouTubers.

So if you are struggling with performing exercises and a basic beginner guide to the gym his channel is best for you.

Instagram – @jeet_selal

3. Yash Sharma Fitness

Total Subscribers – 516k

Source YouTube – Yash Sharma Fitness

Yash Sharma is a fitness coach, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer. He started his journey on YouTube in the year 2015. In the beginning, he was not that famous. But recently he got more public attention. He is part of India’s best few emerging YouTube communities. He is also a state-level football player.

Yash Sharma is born and brought up in Delhi. In his early days, he started recording his videos on the open ground which slowly move to expensive gyms (all because of his hard work). He is also the co-founder of, which sells fitness equipment all over India. On YouTube, he usually shares diet and correcting exercise form type content. Along with informational videos on his channel he shares vlogs and training with other fitness YouTubers’ videos.

Instagram – @alphayash

4. Luke Coutinho

Total Subscribers – 271k

Source YouTube – Luke Coutinho

Luke Coutinho is India’s one of the highest charging/expensive nutrition and lifestyle coach. He is from India since he was 7years old. He runs an informative YouTube channel. Through his videos, his main focuses are health, meditation, diet, nutrition, medicine, etc. Luke has Co-founded RESET – Holistic Living Concepts, a one-of-a-kind facility for individuals who are voyaging towards holistic well-being.

Instagram – @luke_coutinho

5. Fit Muscle TV

Total Subscribers – 2.08M

Source YouTube – Fit Muscle TV

Fit Muscle TV is an Indian channel started by Gaurav Taneja. Gaurav Taneja is a National level bodybuilder, International certified nutritionist, and fitness coach. His hometown is Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, but he is currently living in New Delhi. Alongside his fitness channel, he also runs 2 other channels (FlyingBeast, and Rasbhari Ke Papa). Other than YouTube he was an Air Asia pilot and an IIT’an.

On his Fit Muscle TV channel, he usually makes mostly informative training videos. And on other channels, he shares daily vlogs. The aim of his channel is to break the myths of Fitness and Bodybuilding and provide true Knowledge to people which Fitness Gurus have been hiding till now. So, for a beginner, Fit Muscle TV is a no-brainer fitness channel to follow.

Instagram – @taneja.gaurav

Disclaimer – As you can see this blog is not based on the subscriber count. The blog is totally based on the Author’s own opinion. So others’ opinions can be different. The author has written the blog based on the proper knowledge they share and how genuine they are.

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