Unnecessary Supplements We Need to Avoid

Unnecessary Supplements to Avoid
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When it comes to bodybuilding or simply just joining a gym we always prefer supplements. We think supplements are kind of necessary to achieve our fitness goals. Although this approach is somewhat right, it is not totally correct. There are lots of unnecessary supplements which we do not need and are totally a waste of money.

So before buying the supplements we always need to be sure which supplements are really going to add value to our fitness journey. And for that here in this blog, I am going to share all unnecessary supplements that are available on the market; also how supplement companies are fooling you by playing with your emotions.

Fundamentals of supplements

The most basic question we always need to ask before buying any supplements is “Why do we need the supplement, What value is the supplement going to add to our journey?”

Supplements are somewhat important but it is not everything. Even if we take supplements; if we do not focus on the diet and exercise, we are not going to see any outcome. Supplements are only needed when we can not provide the body with essential ingredients that it’s lacking through regular foods.

The list of unnecessary supplements

Here is the list of supplements that companies fool people to buy.

#1 Fat Burners

Probably one of the most useless supplements available on the market. It is a common misconception that taking fat burners can help in fat loss. If someone knows the basics of weight or fat loss they know that in the end, it is totally dependent on calories in vs calories out. This means if someone is not burning more calories than they consume they can never lose weight. So even if we take fat burners if we are not in calorie deficit we are not going to lose any weight.

Most fat burners contain the extracts of green tea, green coffee, Garcinia Cambogia, etc. that can be easily available in the market and are way cheaper than fat burner supplements. This shows that the fat burners are of no use. These are just total waste of money.

There are also some side effects of consuming fat burners.

Side effects of fat burners

  1. Fat burners have been known to increase the stress hormone that can raise the risk of anxiety.
  2. Stimulants found in fat burners can decrease the quality of sleep which can increase the risk f heart disease.
  3. Fat burners can increase blood pressure levels.
  4. Fat burners can cause diarrhea, constipation, and other issues with bowel movements.

#2 Mass gainers

Just like fat burners companies play the same emotional game in the case of mass gainers too. The way they advertise their product; makes us feel like mass gainers are the one-stop solution for the people who struggle with muscle gain. But in reality, if someone does not eat in a calorie surplus and does not train for resistance training; they can never gain muscle.

Most of the mass gainers are made of carbohydrates (complex carbs) and protein. The carbs to protein ratio of mass gainers are generally 3:1. So instead of taking mass gainers, we can add those complex carbs from any food sources like roti, oats, peas, beans, whole grains, and vegetables. And for protein sources chicken, soya, paneer, tofu, etc. Also if anyone continues having mass gainers daily they will end up being fat at the end of the day.

Risk of mass gainers

  1. Mass gainers can lead to unhealthy weight gain.
  2. High sugar content in mass gainers increases the risk of diabetes.
  3. Excessive consumption of mass gainer supplements can often lead to cramps and bloating issues.
  4. Heavy use of mass gainers can cause kidney damage.
  5. Consuming excessive mass gainers can also raise the consolidation of protein in your body to the point that it cannot be refined well by the liver.

So the conclusion is to grow muscle we need to be in a calorie surplus and do resistance training.

#3 Test Boosters

Wanting a quick fix to every problem is getting popular nowadays. And for that reason, testosterone boosters (in general hormone enhancers) sales are more than doubled since 2008. As per the companies, these supplements almost guarantee testosterone boost in human bodies which can help in curing lower sex drive and building muscles.

After the age of 30, the testosterone level in the human body decreases by a small margin which leads to slower muscle growth, and for that people move towards supplements that can help slow the process or increase testosterone. Sometimes even teenagers move towards these supplements for faster results.

Risk of using Test Boosters

  1. Increased aggression.
  2. Infertility.
  3. Hair loss.
  4. Acne.
  5. Higher red blood cell count.
  6. Prostate enlargement.
  7. Liver damage.

Instead, I suggest looking for natural testosterone boosters like exercising, good quality sleep, a balanced diet, etc.

Some other unnecessary supplements which I consider are also a waste of money are–BCAA, HMB, and Glutamine supplements. Although these unnecessary supplements might help in muscle gain in most cases, all of these supplements are already available in the foods we consume. For example, think of someone giving us H2O pills.

So rather than wasting money on unnecessary supplements, it is always recommended to focus on more fundamental things like diet, sleep, exercise, etc. And if you do not know how to create your own diet without any nutritional knowledge click here. I have shared what I did to create my own diet without any professional help.

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