How to Use Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

How to Use Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss
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Losing weight is not as hard as it always looks. To be honest weight loss is easy if you have the proper idea. Diet and exercise play major roles in helping someone lose weight. People often use fasting to support their diet to help in cutting down weight. Among the all fasting methods intermittent fasting is the most liked and famous one.

In recent years intermittent fasting has become quite famous. People often use this method thinking of it as a tool to lose weight fast and easily.

So now here in this blog, I am going to share if intermittent fasting helps in weight loss or not. If the answer is yes then how one can use this particular fasting method to help support their weight loss journey.

But before talking about intermittent fasting, here are some basics on how to lose weight.

How to lose weight

A caloric deficit is the main reason behind weight loss. This means eating less than one’s daily maintenance calories is the main key to losing weight. So this means no matter what exercise you do or what diet or supplements you use; if you are not eating less than your maintenance calories you will not lose weight.

To calculate your daily maintenance calories there are lots of calculators available on the internet. Disclaimer – those calculators are not 100% accurate so you may have to do some experiments by adding or cutting down calories to find the exact value.

So diet is the most important key to losing weight. The right choice of exercise is there just to support the diet in weight loss.

Know how to create a personalized diet plan without any nutritional knowledge.

Overview of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between eating and fasting. Basically, you get a particular eating window of some hours in the day when you can eat and rest you have to fast. Intermittent fasting does not restrict what you eat. So while many diets focus on the types of foods you eat, this idea mainly focuses on when you eat.

There are several ways to perform this fasting system but these are the most popular ones.

1. 16:8 method – In this method, you get an 8-hour eating window and a 16-hour-long fast throughout the day. Mainly fasting period start from the time you sleep (after your dinner) and you usually need to skip breakfast before breaking the fast.

2. Eat-stop-eat – In this technique you basically fast for 24hours/the whole day. And, this type of fasting is generally done 2-3times a week.

3. 5:2 method – This method contains consuming very low calories like 500-600 calories throughout the day for 2 days a week. And you eat normally for the rest of 5 days.

4. Alternate day fasting – As the name suggests with this method you need to fast every alternate day. For instance – fasting on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday and following a normal meal plan on other days.

I used to follow the time-restricted(12-14hour fast) intermittent fasting method as it was best suited for my lifestyle.

Can the method help in weight loss?

Yes, it can help in weight loss if it is done properly. As said before a calorie deficit is most important for weight loss. That means even if you are following a fasting method make sure you are consuming lesser calories. Use this technic as a tool to support your dieting. So when you have a smaller calorie budget a limited eating window can really help in controlling your eating and not having more calories than needed.

How to use intermittent fasting in dieting

Before knowing how to use this fasting process you need to clarify which intermittent fasting method you want to follow. Pick the one that suits your daily routine. Also, if you do not know which one to pick then try all and see which one is working for you. Now, how to use it? Here is an example.

Assume you have an 1800-calorie budget, and you thought of following the time-restricted fasting method. That means suppose you have decided to fast for 14 hours (10 pm to 12 pm) and have food for 10 hours only. So in that eating window, you can have 2 major meals of 700calories and 1 small meal of 400calories. This means you evenly distributed the calories throughout the day.

Now according to the example, it is clear that spreading out 1800caloires in a 10-hour eating window is way easier than stretching it in 24hours. And, that is the biggest advantage of using intermittent fasting while losing weight/dieting.

One important tip, try to break the fast with raw fruits, green veggies, nuts, etc (caution: do not break a fast with oily or junk foods, or else you can experience bloating or gas). After that, you may consume regular foods.

Things to avoid to see results from fasting

If you are following a strict diet plan with intermittent fasting then you probably do not want to lose all your hard work by doing everything wrong. That is why here are some things you need to care about if you are using fasting to support your meal plan.

  1. It is a common mistake as people think they can enjoy some junk later in the day as they had fasted for so long. Do not have junk food just because you had fasted for straight 14-16 hours. But this idea can ruin your hard work. You can have it often but not every day.
  2. Do not have oily foods right after fast. It can cause a bloating problem in your stomach.
  3. Do not do fasting after your workout or else it will make you feel hungry. Better if you are doing fast in the morning workout a night.
  4. Do not have too much food at once, evenly spread out your calories.
  5. Do not force yourself to fast for longer. Start slow, and gradually increase the time.


The conclusion is to the whole article is that though it is possible to lose weight using intermittent fasting, it is not the only way. Even without fasting, it is possible to lose weight. So if you are seeing that particularly intermittent fasting is not working for you then do not push yourself too hard. Better focus on dieting. Consume enough calories and work out. These two things are more than enough to see progress (know how to stick to a low-calorie diet). Also, consume enough protein (buy the protein powder which I use). Those are essential to preserving/building muscle mass in the body.

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