How to Avoid Being End up Skinny Fat

How to Avoid Being End up Skinny Fat
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In the fitness world, every individual body type has a choice to whether bulk or cut in order to either gain muscle or lose fat. For example, a skinny person’s goal will be to gain body weight (whether as fat or muscle), and on the other hand, a fat/obese guy will look or aim to lose body fat. But what will be the case if someone is somewhat in the middle? Like a skinny fat. According to their body type, they have no proper choice on whether they will start their journey by building muscle or losing fat. Because of that here in the blog, I am going to share with you how you should avoid being end up as a skinny fat and also, give you some tips on training and nutrition if you are already a skinny fat and looking forward to transforming your body. But, before we start here is a quick explanation of skinny fat.

Definition of skinny fat

The term “skinny fat” somewhat explains what it meant to be. According to science, being skinny fat refers to being metabolically obese while being in a normal weight range. In simple words, a skinny fat body is made up of fewer muscles and higher body fat. This means that a skinny fat body may look skinny in cloth but in reality, it is fat. There are a huge number of people on earth who are unknowingly skinny fat.

Tips to avoid being end up as a skinny fat

Ending up as a skinny fat is everyone’s nightmare. No one wants to be in that position. It is not only unhealthy for the body but also causes body image issues in people. Now, here are some causes that you can avoid to not end up as skinny fat.

Do not lose weight too fast

This was a mistake that I did. When I was young I was way heavier and because of that, I wanted to lose all the fat from my body. So I ended up losing weight very fast which in the end caused me less muscle and more fat. The only change that happed is the scale went down but I was still fat.

Losing weight fast increase the chances of losing muscle. The faster you lose weight the better the chance to lose muscle from the body. And mixing that with bad nutritional choices is a killer combination.

Focus on a balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential to avoid being end up as skinny fat. It is quite common for people who are unknowingly skinny fat is that a bad eating habit caused them the problem. Someone who wants to lose weight and want to avoid ending up as skinny fat should focus on consuming a protein-rich diet. Along with exercise diet is also necessary for the body. A good diet not only helps to achieve any personal body goal but is also beneficial for inner health.

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Lack of resistance training

Though cardio is a preferred form of exercise if someone’s goal is to lose weight but resistance training is also important in order to preserve muscle mass on a caloric deficit. Doing resistance training along with cardio not only decreases muscle loss but also increases non-exercise activity thermogenesis which eventually causes more calorie burn and helps in fat loss.

The preferred way of mixing cardio with resistance training is doing 3-4day of low-intensity cardio along with training resistance exercise 4-5 times a week.

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A few tips to follow if someone is skinny fat

Ok, so those are my top 3 suggestions that are all someone needs to follow in order to not end up as skinny fat; but now what should one do if he/she is already skinny fat? To know the answer follow these tips.

Eating habits and calorie intake

If a person is already skinny fat and does not know whether to lose weight or gain muscle (basically eat in deficit or surplus) then my suggestion will be eating at maintenance or in a small calorie deficit (100-200calories). Along with that focus on having more protein in the diet. A high protein diet with proper training is always beneficial to building lean muscle mass.


Resistance training is a must in case someone is skinny fat. Because a skinny fat person’s body has already less muscle mass, doing resistance training can improve overall muscle mass in the body. Along with that small amount of low-intensity cardio once or twice a week is also good for the body.


Except for training and nutrition, proper rest and enough water intake; is also very important. Along with that patience is also very important. It is quite common that the progress of a skinny fat notice will be way less than a normal individual. Though the progress will be slow, it will be totally worth it if a person can keep patience.

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How do you know you are skinny fat?

From the definition, you might have a vivid idea of a skinny fat boy now. But here are a few more,

  • Check yourself in the mirror.
  • Do you look skinny in clothing where you have fat in the body?
  • Do you have skinny arms and a big belly?
  • You have a family history (like – genetics).

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