Can Someone Lose Weight or Build Muscle Eating Junk?

Lose Weight Build Muscle Eating Junk Food
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It may come into many people’s heads if they can lose weight or build muscle while eating junk foods. As almost everyone loves eating junk food the idea of eating junk food daily and achieving their fitness goals can look very much tempting. While the idea seems very pleasing it can bring some difficult disadvantages if done wrong.

Here in the blog, I will share if it is possible to lose weight or build muscle by eating junk food, and also even if it is possible will it be healthy?

Basics of weight loss and muscle gain

Depending on the goal whether to lose weight or gain muscle one needs to eat in a calorie deficit or surplus. In simple words, a person needs to eat more than maintenance calories to gain weight and for losing weight they need to eat less than maintenance calories. Now in case of weight gain, to convert that gained weight into muscle resistance training is required.

Now comes the question of whether it is possible to lose weight or build muscle by eating junk food.

Can junk food help in weight loss?

Yes! a person can lose weight by eating junk food. As I mentioned earlier to lose weight all it requires is a calorie deficit; which means no matter what a person eats if he/she can be in a caloric deficit they can lose weight. But the problem that comes with eating junk food and weight loss is almost every junk food comes with lots of unhealthy stuff and also a sh*t ton of calories. This means to be in a calorie deficit people have to consume way fewer meals throughout the day. This can make the job of losing weight while eating junk hard.

Is it possible to gain muscle by eating junk food?

The idea seems great as there is no calorie bound, one can hit the gym and feed 2-3 burgers right after. Although if someone does this once in a while it will not affect anything. But if it is done daily the person going to face some serious trouble. Consuming a shit ton of calories daily can cause fat gain. This means the body will end up putting on more fat than muscles. This approach is also known as dirty bulking.

Now, coming to the question of wheater someone can gain muscle by eating junk food my answer will be – if he/she can hit the daily protein need and stay in a calorie surplus then yes!

But if a person eating junk food they already end up consuming so many calories and when he/she looks to hit their daily protein goal they end up consuming more calories which end up being unnecessary fat.

What will be the best approach in both scenario

In my eyes, the best approach will be prioritizing health over mental satisfaction. No matter whether it is possible to lose weight or gain muscle by eating junk; I will always recommend eating healthy. Because most junk foods are made of low-quality oil, maida, and loaded with unhealthy fat which can cause different health issues in the long run. Someone can look good from the outside but their body will never be healthy from the inside.

Here are some ways eating junk food will affect overall health and the body.

How does eating junk food daily affect the body

The best way I can explain is, that I will recommend someone who eats clean food daily to try out eating junk food for straight two days. I can guarantee them less energy, motivation, and sluggish feeling on both days. Check out this video where Thomas from Yes Theory experimented with Eating World’s Worst Diet for 7 Days in one of their videos.

Source YouTube (Yes Theory)

The effects on the body are.

  • Almost every junk food one can think of contains a load amount of sodium and overconsumption of sodium can cause migraine in people.
  • High oil and fat in junk foods can cause a lack of energy and feel sluggish.
  • Junk foods are high in carbohydrates and oil which can trigger acne problems.
  • Fried foods filled with unhealthy fats can increase LDL cholesterol levels.
  • The high sodium level in junk food can hold water in the body which can cause bloating and other stomach issues.
  • High carbs in fast foods cause a hike in blood glucose levels and high blood pressure.

Along with these effects, there are also more internal effects that can be visible which you can read through this article.

Here are some healthy ways of losing weight and gaining muscles which I always recommend.

The healthy way to lose weight

Eat more whole foods. If someone craves junk foods make sure to not eat more than twice a week. As mentioned before to lose weight a calorie deficit is needed and for that calculate the maintenance calories from the internet and eat less than that. Do cardio every day for better heart health.

The healthy way to gain muscle

I know muscle can be gained in a dirty way, I mean through dirty bulking. But that comes with so much fat and health issues along the way. A more proper and healthy approach to weight and muscle gain is gaining weight slowly by being in a small surplus, instead of putting an unknown amount of calories inside. Make sure to hit the daily protein need and do constant resistance training. Over a period of time, muscle gain will happen.

Now here to either lose or gain weight a good personalized diet plan is required and for that, I will suggest this blog that I have written on how to create a personalized diet plan without any knowledge about nutrition. And if you are a newbie and somewhat struggling to manage what supplement to buy or not check out this blog where I described which supplements to must avoid.

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