Can You Build Muscle Without Proper Diet

Can You Build Muscle Without Proper Diet
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Building muscle and having a well-shaped physique is not only about lifting weights or doing cardio, it is something that requires more than that. Achieving a good physique is both a combination of a healthy diet and a balanced workout routine.

No matter what is the physique goal whether to lose weight or build muscle mass; in both cases, the path is the same, hard work and the right eating habit.

But sometimes the problem is that not everyone is able to handle all the expenses caused by a diet. Even if money is not the problem the kind of lifestyle someone persists does not allow them to be punctual with their food. So for that reason here in this blog, I am going to share if it is possible to build muscle without a proper dietary regime and what type of result to expect if it is achievable.

Now before we start let’s learn some basics about muscles like – how we put on muscles in our body?

How do we put on muscles in the body?

Muscle building happens when we put our bodies through constant resistance or weights. In simple, when we do resistance training either using bodyweight or weights in the gym our muscle tissue gets broken down. That time our body repairs those muscle cells by increasing their size; so that our body becomes capable of handling that load in the future. This whole process is known as muscle hypertrophy.

Hormones like testosterone, HGH, and insulin also play a big role in putting on/repairing the muscles in the body.

Protein is most important for muscle growth

Among all the macronutrients protein is the most important one. This means that to build muscle a diet should be rich in protein. Even if someone is not following a balanced food habit he/she should care about their protein intake.

Protein is the building block for muscle in the body. After we go through intense resistance exercises in the gym protein helps us repair the muscle tissues.

Except for muscle growth protein helps us in fixing hunger. A food high in protein helps to stay full for long which can be beneficial for weight loss. Protein also boosts metabolism and increases fat loss because of its high thermic effect. Additionally, the protein you eat goes into making enzymes in your body which directly helps with digestion.

Other benefits of protein,

  1. Helps in controlling blood pressure.
  2. Reducing cravings.
  3. Healthy for bones.
  4. Helps in recovery after an injury.
  5. Help to stay fit for longer.

How much protein is necessary for the body?

According to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics consuming 1.2-2.0gm protein per kg body weight is optimal for athletes depending on the amount of training. And for regular people who do not do training somewhere around 0.8-1.2g per kg body weight of the protein is enough to live a strong and healthy lifestyle.

In my case, I generally take around 2.0-2.2g of protein per kg bodyweight.

One tip, if you are not used to a protein-rich eating habit, in the beginning, you can face some digestive issues. So do not be afraid of that, it is quite common. After some time your body will get adopted to high protein.

Why a proper diet is important?

As said early to build a good physique along with proper training, a nutritionally balanced diet is also important. A meal plan that has high protein, the required amount of carbs, fats, and an adequate quantity of micronutrients is not only beneficial for seeing fast progress from the training but also helps in living a healthy lifestyle.

It protects the body from some chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Except for health factors having healthy meals throughout the day help an individual’s productivity. Also, in terms of good mental health, a nutritionally balanced diet helps a lot.

Can someone build muscle without a proper diet?

The direct answer to this question will be, Yes! At least from my experience and the people I have seen in my life I can say, without the right meal plan it is possible to achieve a decent physique. But the thing is that one can not expect gains like someone who follows a proper diet. Along with that, the progress will be slow. So, he/she needs to be patient.

In my opinion, if there is no financial problem then at least try to hit the daily protein goal (which I already mentioned before), with that eat in a caloric surplus (with/without the right protein intake). Even if one can not have a proper diet the surplus will help in putting on muscle in the body.

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How to plan a diet so that you can at least hit the daily protein goal?

Here are my tips on how to plan a diet to hit at least a daily protein goal.

  1. If money is not the problem buy protein powder.
  2. Have daily protein from high protein sources like – fish, chicken breast, soya chunks, etc.
  3. Try carrying a tiffin to your workplace.
  4. Substitute junk foods with nutrition-rich food sources.
  5. Substitute snacks with eggs.

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So in conclusion it is possible to build a decent physique without a proper meal plan. But, the right approach will be to have enough protein for the day to at least see fast progress. Yet if you can not follow a high protein diet then make sure to eat in a calorie surplus and give the best in the gym. There are lots of images of farmers or daily workers available on the internet who do not know the meaning of ‘diet’ but still have a great physique. So keep patience and work hard.

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