1900 Calorie Indian Diet Plan With PDF

1900 Calorie Indian Diet Plan With PDF
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Creating a diet plan can be a tough job. When the calorie content is restricted knowing what to eat can be challenging. There are so many diets out on the internet. Some contain fancy food items and some are way too hard to follow. Most diets are filled with food items or meals that are most suited for western people and for an Indian it is pretty hard to find a diet that suits their lifestyle. Because of that here in this blog, I am going to share with you a typical 1900 calorie Indian diet plan along with a PDF that will contain exercise support also.

Except for that, I will give you a short idea of how you can create a personalized diet plan and a bit overview of the need for a healthy diet plan.

Why you will need a diet plan

A diet especially, a healthy diet plan is a crucial part of someone’s lifestyle. No matter if you are gaining, losing, or even maintaining weight if you do not follow a healthy diet plan you will not see any desired outcome. A well-balanced diet plan is essential for life to get both a healthy body and lifestyle. Besides physical fitness, diet is at the same time equally important. So, even if you are exercising regularly if you do not focus on the diet you can not expect a result.

Healthy diet plans are a guide in curing different harmful and dangerous chronic diseases. Eating healthy also helps in energy and in someone’s mental health. Consuming unhealthy will never help a person to be more productive.

Foods that fell in the healthy category

  • Vegetables – ladyfinger, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, fenugreek, etc.
  • Fruits (especially seasonal fruits) – Papaya, mango, guava, lichi, banana, orange, etc.
  • Protein-rich foods – Soya chunks, tofu, Moong dal, etc.
  • Dairy products – Paneer, Milk, Cheese, etc.
  • Grains – Bazra, ragi, barley, jowar, etc.

How the diet will look like and who needs this diet

In this meal plan, the diet will include protein-rich foods along with high carb sources and an adequate amount of vegetables also. And the diet will be mainly for people who are in the 58-62 kg weight range. Also, the diet plan will be for those who are not in this weight range but want to lose weight. For instance, if someone’s maintenance calories are 2200 and want to lose weight and chose to be in a 300-400 calorie deficit.

We will rely on supplements for micronutrients. Also, as the diet will be high in protein it will be best for preserving muscle or in some cases building muscle. So if you are lifting weights it will be best suited for you.

Suggested supplements(Affiliate Link) – Multivitamins, Fish oil.

The reason behind adding more protein in all the meals is if you are losing weight you become more prone to losing muscle. So, having a protein-rich diet with a bit of resistance training will help in upholding all those muscles. Along with that, high-carb sources will give you the energy to move throughout the day.

The 1900 calorie Indian diet plan

Here is the 1900 calorie Indian diet plan,

Breakfast – Boiled egg (100grams), Atta roti (110grams).

Morning snack – Mashed potato (150grams), Boiled egg (50grams).

Lunch – Cooked rice (150grams), Cooked dal (any, 200grams), Chicken breast (250grams). [You can substitute some chicken with rice if you are not satisfied with the amount of rice]

Evening snack – Soya chunks (50grams). [Weigh before cooking]

Dinner – Atta roti (110grams), Cholar dal/Split Bengal Gram (200grams). [Weigh dal after cook]

An important thing to know is you need to weigh your food because in the different houses the same two roti/chapatis will weigh different. So keeping that in mind I have measured foods in weight; so that you get the accurate calories.

The whole 1900 calorie Indian diet plan consists of 145grams of protein, 42grams of fat, 245 grams of carbohydrate, and 37grams of fiber which in total 1966 calories. And, as said before micronutrient sources will be from the supplements.

In case you are facing any problem with high protein amounts, you can substitute that with carbohydrate sources.

Will the diet plan guarantee your result?

I will say it depends. It has the potential to give you results. But in some cases, the diet may not give the results you are expecting. And the main reason behind that is – it is not a personalized diet plan. You may have followed what I said here but if the diet is not suiting your lifestyle, you will not be able to stick to that. And because of that, in the next paragraph, I will share with you a few basics of creating a personalized diet plan. But as of now, just try out the diet to see if it is fitting you or not. If the answer is No! read the next paragraph.

Also, if you have any health issues make sure to take the diet plan from a professional. This plan will never be a substitute for a professionally made diet plan.

How to create a personalized diet plan

As mentioned in the previous paragraph if the 1900 calorie Indian diet plan is not suiting you then you may need a personalized diet plan. And yes, it is obvious that the diet may be not working for you. The main reason behind that is every individual’s body is built differently and because of that, the diet which may be working for others could not be working for you. Ok now move on to the main topic.

You need to care about three basic things to create the diet plan,

  1. Goal.
  2. Maintenance calories.
  3. Daily protein intake.

If you have an idea about these three things you are good to go, you will not need any other thing.

Here for the goal, you should know what you want the diet to do to you. Like – does it help you in losing weight, gaining weight, or maintaining the weight you are now at. And for maintenance calories, there are thousands of calculators available on the internet. You just need to put all your info. Lastly, to know your daily protein intake multiply your weight with any number between 1.9-2.2. You will get your answer in gram.

There were other things also involved in creating a personalized diet plan. To know about that you can check this blog.

How to create a personalized diet plan without any nutritional knowledge.

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