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Suvadeep Paul

Hi, there I am Suvadeep Paul.

I am a Fitness Enthusiastic and currently working on my knowledge so that I can help others with their fitness goals.

Small Back Story

When I was around 12, I used to get bullied because of my body shape. I was obese back then and because of that, I was so much insecure about my physique. All of my friends used to make fun of me because of my size. I was known as ‘MOTA’ (in English that means fat kid) to all my class.

One day when I was in class 11 one of my very close friends who was involved in sports asked me if I want to join him for morning running sessions and I immediately said yes as I wanted to get rid of my fatty body. From that day he used to push me every day to get up in the morning and go for a run. Even on rainy days, we used to run.

As months went by I used to feel very happy about my body as I was losing fat and looking good in front of the camera. Because of the results, I fall in love with fitness.

From then I follow fitness religiously.

For the last 2 years, I joined the gym and trained in both powerlifting and bodybuilding.

My Goal

Here on this page, I will share fitness-related content as easily as possible. My motto is to make fitness a lifestyle for all.

If you want to join my journey then get connected with me and for any need, you can DM me. I will try my best to solve your doubt.

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